Young Quines – A New Term Underway

Young Quines – A New Term Underway

We’ve got our most exciting term yet coming up for Young Quines, both for staff and young people, with a bursting programme of activity and our Kirkcaldy group finding a new home in Adam Smith Theatre. Our 14-18 year old members will be having a workshop with Making Rights Real and the incredible artist Suzi Morrice, exploring how to use the power of human rights and their voice to mobilse for change.

Our staff have two days of training with sector leading Company Three to deepen their understanding of making great theatre with teenagers, through co-design. They also have specific training for working with young people, as we keep care at the heart of all we do.

Young Quines is our feminist youth theatre for young women and people of other marginalized genders, in Leven and Kirkcaldy. If you’re interested in finding out more or joining one of the groups, you can find out more by emailing

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