WOW £29,503!

WOW £29,503!

On 14th March 2022 we launched a Crowdfunder to take a new show on tour across Scotland. Disciples is joyful, dynamic piece devised by an incredible group of women and non-binary people. Together they fiercely, passionately and honestly bring the stories of their bodies to life through music, movement, text and image.

A massive thank you, on behalf of the Disciples Creative Team and all at Stellar Quines, to everyone who donated to our first ever Crowdfunder and helped us to smash our target. In total, together, we raised £29,503!

The following supporters chose a reward which included an acknowledgement on our website:

  • Abi Ashton
  • Ailsa Courtney
  • Alice Cooper
  • Alison Carr
  • Alison Raybould
  • Andrew Grant
  • Anne-Marie Boyle
  • Carolyn Yates
  • Chantelle Micallef Grimaud
  • Christine Devaney
  • Claire Moran
  • Colin Hambrook
  • David Orr
  • Deborah Ritchie
  • Donna Bell
  • Eleanour Harvey
  • Elspeth MacArthur
  • Emily Nicholl
  • Emma Quinn
  • Ewan Aitken
  • Fiona Adiza Shardow
  • Framework Theatre
  • Gemma de Luna
  • Gill McGowan
  • Gillian Currie
  • Gillian Shaw
  • Hazel McCombes
  • Heather Marshall
  • Helen Davey
  • Helen Fox
  • Helen McIntosh
  • J P Mason
  • Jackie Crichton
  • James Ley
  • Jane Hobson
  • Jillian Franklin
  • Jo West
  • Joanna Hruby
  • Joanne Thomson
  • Judy Stewart
  • Juliet Moleta
  • Kath Wilson
  • Katherine Mendelsohn
  • Katie Brown
  • Kim Allan
  • Kirsty Connell-Skinner
  • Kirsty Shea
  • Leigh Robieson-Cleaver
  • Lucy Ireland
  • Mamoru Iriguchi
  • Marian Drazek
  • Marion Geoffray
  • Martine McIntosh
  • Noelle Cobden
  • Orla Holt
  • Pafsanias Vissariou
  • Phoebe Elliott
  • Rachel O’Regan
  • Rhea Lewis
  • Rob McIntosh
  • Mrs Rose G Russell
  • Ros Steen
  • Roz Stevens
  • Sara Shaarawi
  • Sarah Brown
  • Sarah Gray
  • Shirley Monteith
  • Trish Wheatley
  • Vanessa Nias
  • Victoria Stokoe
  • Vivian French
  • Whatyousow
  • Zoe Farrugia

Thank you also to Creative Scotland’s Crowdmatch initiative for £5,000 of match-funding and to The National Emergencies Trust’s Local Action Fund  for a further £5,011 in match-funding. We were also thrilled to be granted £10,000 from the BA Better World Community Fund .

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