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The Last Queen of Scotland

By: Jaimini Jethwa

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The Last Queen of Scotland

By: Jaimini Jethwa

Directed by: Jemima Levick

Produced by: Stellar Quines

Commissioned and supported by: National Theatre of Scotland and Dundee Rep


Fae Uganda to Dundee – a story from a community in exile

August 1972, Idi Amin ordered the expulsion of Ugandan-Asians under a 90-day deadline. From Uganda to Dundee a woman grows up knowing nothing about her homeland haunted by Amin’s impact on her destiny. Returning to Uganda years later she confronts his ghost.

"The piece provides an intriguing reminder of a turbulent historical episode"

by The Times

"The Last Queen of Scotland will take you on an emotional and historical journey"

by EdFest Magazine

"MacDonald gives a captivating performance as the central character"

by The Skinny

"Rehanna MacDonald shines as Jaimini"

by Fest


  • Rehanna MacDonald


  • Patricia Panther


Creative Team

  • Jaimini Jethwa


  • Jemima Levick


  • Anna Orton


  • Ian Dow

    Lighting Design/Production Manager

  • Kara Jackson

    Company Stage Manager

About The Show

My Mum and Dad had £7 when they got here. They got 90 days to leave and seven shitty pounds. 90 days, two pints, one pack of fags, gone.

Fae Uganda to Dundee and all the way back again – how do you confront Idi Amin when he still messes with your head?

This is one story from a community in exile that sheds light on a unique period of untold history, performed by one woman to a live soundtrack, through the street sounds of Dundonian dialect.

Just as Idi Amin coined the phrase ‘The Last King of Scotland’ Jaimini Jethwa decided to reclaim her heritage – The Last Queen of Scotland is her homage to her city – her ‘love letter to the D”.

SHORTLISTED for Scottish Arts Club Theatre Awards

The Last Queen of Scotland is proud to be part of The Made in Scotland Showcase, a curated showcase of Scottish performance on the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, supported through the Scottish Government’s Edinburgh Festivals Expo Fund.

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Image by Jane Hobson

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