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The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy

By: Jennifer Tremblay

Tremblay Trilogy poster showing an illustration of a woman on top of a heart with a dagger through it and a tree of thorns
Poster for The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy

The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy

By: Jennifer Tremblay

Translated by: Shelley Tepperman

Directed by: Muriel Romanes

Stellar Quines presents the full trilogy of plays by acclaimed Quebecois writer Jennifer Tremblay at Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2015. This is the first time the trilogy will have been performed in English in the UK. Each play is a story in its own right; together they form a powerful piece of theatre. Set in Quebec they follow a woman’s journey of discovery about her past.

The List

A woman struggles to adjust to an isolated new life and and a troubled marriage. Her growing obsession with lists and a favour asked by a friend leads to tragic consequences.

The Carousel

Nothing can stop the carousel. A woman is on an emotional journey into her past. Can she reconcile herself with her discoveries?

The Deliverance

A woman struggles to fulfill her dying mother’s last wish – to see the son that was torn from her at a young age. Will she find him in time?  Will her journey end in redemption?

Running time for each show is approx 1 hour.

"Epic trilogy of three generations of women"

by The Stage

"a visceral stomach-punch of a play"

by fest

"Beattie is an astonishment in all three shows"

by The Guardian

"Beautifully crafted, sure-footed and intensely moving"

by Sunday Herald


  • Maureen Beattie

Creative Team

  • Jennifer Tremblay


  • Shelley Tepperman


  • Muriel Romanes


  • John Byrne


  • Philip Pinsky

    Sound Composer

  • Jeanine Byrne

    Lighting Design

  • Roland Fraser


  • Celie Byrne


  • Claire Willoughby

    Assistant Director

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