Image of young actor reading the Gaza Monologue.

The Gaza Monologues

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“I dream of having ONE day of safety… When can we live in peace like the rest of the World?” 

– Mahmud Abu Sha’ban (born 1996) 2014 

In response to Ashtar’s Theatre’s call out for a Global Reading, Stellar Quines and Disaster Plan presented a rehearsed reading of The Gaza Monologues at the Lyceum Theatre. 

The Gaza Monologues are testimonies written by Ashtar Youth in 2010 following their survival of extreme violence on the Gaza Strip. In this solidarity event we brought together Scottish, Palestinian, Jewish and Arabic voices to give life to these stories and call for justice, equality and freedom. 

The reading took place in the Wyndham Bar at the Lyceum Theatre. Donations were taken for Ashtar Theatre and for Medical Aid for Palestine (MAP).

Please read our solidarity statement.

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