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The Air That Carries the Weight

By: Rebecca Sharp

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The Air That Carries the Weight

By: Rebecca Sharp

A journey of friendship, digging and reconciliation transcending time and space.

Isobel is summoned to a cottage in Argyll, which she inherits following the sudden death of her childhood friend, Yvonne. While sorting through Yvonne’s collection of books, objects and writings, she discovers her interest in Scottish writer and archaeologist Marion Campbell, and her novel The Dark Twin.

Guided by Yvonne and Marion, Isobel journeys through memories, signs and stories to reach the truth Yvonne discovered before she died.

“tended with gossamer-like precision by Romanes, who makes a slow-burning ritual out of Sharp’s heartfelt text”

by The Herald

"although this is a high-risk play – more great flight of lyricism than conventional drama – it makes a hugely fitting coda to Muriel Romanes’s 20 years at Stellar Quines”

by The Scotsman


  • Pauline Lockhart


  • Melody Grove


  • Alexandra Mathie


Creative Team

  • Rebecca Sharp


  • Muriel Romanes


  • John Byrne


  • Jeanine Byrne

    Lighting and Costume Design

  • Pippa Murphy

    Musical Director/Composer

About The Show

This new play by Rebecca Sharp layers reality and fantasy through immersive writing, design, lighting and original music.

The Air That Carries the Weight was presented at a Rehearsal Room in 2014 at the Traverse Theatre along with Rebecca Sharp’s companion piece Little Forks. The Play received it’s World Premiere in March 2016 at the Traverse, Edinburgh.

Find out more about the work of Rebecca Sharp. Supported by the Tom McGrath Trust.

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