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Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden

By: Judith Adams

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Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden

By: Judith Adams

Directed by: Muriel Romanes

Commissioned by: Stellar Quines

Supported by: Scottish Arts Council and Arts Council England

Performed in: Scottish Plant Collectors’ Garden

Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden is a bold, bright, curious fairy tale. A world of storytelling, magic, technology, illusion and poetry collide with the natural garden landscape to create a truly mysterious and interactive outdoor experience.

On the journey you will discover the secret worlds of historical adventurers, artists and gardeners, women who dared to lead unconventional, eccentric and passionate lives.

Among them all, a girl is missing…

Pitlochry’s extraordinary garden unfolds to reveal the fierce and the friendly, the mysterious and the tangible, the beautiful and the gruesome, the good and the wicked, the lost and the found, the supernatural and the earthly.

"An unforgettable landmark event… deeply and thought-provokingly feminist"

by The Scotsman

"An enchanting and enchanted evening"

by The Times


  • Jonathan Battersby


  • Kern Falconer


  • Pauline Lockhart


  • Alexandra Mathie


  • Colette O’Neil


  • Wendy Seager


  • Luke Shaw


Creative Team

  • Judith Adams


  • Muriel Romanes


  • Francis Gallop


  • Karen Bryce

    Lighting Designer

  • Anna Cocciadiferro

    Costume Designer

  • Ian Jackson

    Sound Designer

  • Stephanie Turner


  • Leo Warner (Fifty Nine Ltd)

    Multimedia and Video Director

  • Ross Adam

    Cinematographer and Editor

About The Show

The text for Sweet Fanny Adams in Eden was commissioned by Stellar Quines and supported by the Scottish Arts Council and Arts Council England for performance in the Scottish Plant Collectors’ Garden. It was the first major piece produced for the garden, which is situated behind the Pitlochry Festival Theatre, and coincided with the garden’s official public opening. During a two-hour promenade performance audience members, supplied with maps, were invited to follow the performance in whichever way they wished, encountering along the way characters including those based on real-life authors, butterfly hunters and travellers.

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