Quines Cast: Live

Headshot of Hannah Lavery next to a photo of Caitlin Skinner

Hosted by: Hannah Lavery and Caitlin Skinner

Quines Cast is a coming together of intersectional feminist thought, music, theatre and literature to provide retreat, renewal and solidarity. Distinguished guests will bring their unique take on some of the big questions impacting women and other marginalised genders today.

Join us for live events with Edinburgh International Book Festival, Jupiter Artland and the Traverse Theatre and stay tuned for the recordings to be released as a podcast series later in the year. 

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Creative Team

  • Caitlin Skinner


  • Hannah Lavery


  • Halina Rifai

    Podcast Producer

About The Show

Quines Cast 1 – CITY 

Recorded live at Edinburgh International Book Festival Wednesday on 17 August 2022.

Thought, music and performance inspired by the theme of City. Are cities the future? What would a feminist city look like? How do we make it possible for a good life to be available to everybody who chooses to live in the city?


  • Denise Mina – provocation
  • Chitra Ramaswamy – writing
  • Sara Shaarawi – play
  • Karine Polwart – music


Quines Cast 2 – WILD

Recorded live at Jupiter Artland on Saturday 27 August 2022.

Reflections on our relationship with the wild in nature and in ourselves. Where can we still be truly wild? Is access to wild places only for the privileged? Are we brought up to fear our wild natures and do we need to reclaim them?


  • TBC – provocation
  • Victoria McNulty – writing
  • Rona Munro – play
  • Kathryn Joseph – music


Quines Cast 3 and 4

These events will be recorded at the Traverse Theatre as part of its autumn season. More details to be announced.


Discussion group

Alongside live music, theatre, poetry and prose, Quines Cast will feature audio of discussions by women from across arts, academia, social care, health, campaigning and law. The discussion group was recorded at Jupiter Artland in July 2022 and included:

  • Bee Asha ,
  • Clementine E  Burnley
  • Lisa George.
  • Dr Carey Lunan
  • Aman Uppal
  • Talat Yaqoob.

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