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Night Sky

By: Susan Yankowitz

Black and white promotional image for Night Sky showing a planet on the left with a person silhouetted against it and the face of a woman with her eyes closed on the right
Promotional image for Night Sky by Murdo MacLeod

Night Sky

By: Susan Yankowitz

Directed by: Lynn Bains

Night Sky tells the story of Anna, a brilliant astronomer, whose life is devastated by a freak accident that destroys her ability to remember, understand and communicate. Night Sky premiered at the Women’s Project in New York in 1991.

Stellar Quines’ first production, directed by Lynn Bains and led by BAFTA award-winner and company co-founder Gerda Stevenson, toured to Aberdeen, Ayr, Glasgow, St Andrews and Edinburgh during the spring of 1994.

"a sharp, multi-layered exploration of the cosmos and human beings’ place in it… Bursting with wit, intelligence and energy."

by The Scotsman

"deeply felt performances and a big sense of maturity."

by Scotland on Sunday


  • Joe Gallacher


  • Vicky Liddelle


  • Muriel Romanes


  • Gerda Stevenson


  • Alan Vicary


Creative Team

  • Susan Yankowitz


  • Lynn Bains


  • Jane Frere


  • Fleur Woolford

    Lighting Designer:

  • Conrad Gross


Tour History