random figurines with their backs to you on a white background with the word Disciples in gold and the tagline - worlds reimagined in poetry and movement


Image of its of figurines with their backs to us and the words Disciples - Worlds reimagined in movement and poetry

Co-directed by Rachel Drazek (she/her) and Ellen Renton (she/her)

What does it feel like to have faith, to hold power, to find community? Disciples is a joyful, dynamic show that comes to life through a blend of music, movement, text and image – led by poetry.

Devised by an ensemble of women and non-binary performers who identify as D/deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent and co-directed by Rachel Drazek and Ellen Renton, the show premiered in Autumn 2023.

Disciples was presented in association with Traverse Theatre  

'Disiples is brave, as it is beautiful.'

by UK Theatre Network

'An extraordinary show... Lyrical, beautiful, pensive, courageous and moving.'

by The Scotsman


  • Rana Bader (she/her)


  • Sally Clay (she/her)


  • Laura Fisher (they/she)


  • Emma McCaffrey (she/they)


  • Irina Vartopeanu (she/her)


Creative Team

  • Rachel Drazek


  • Ellen Renton


  • Robyn Jancovich-Brown


  • Cynthia WS Cheung

    Stage Manager

  • Indi Kilbride

    Stage Manager

  • Alma Sua Lindenhovius

    Production Manager

  • Niroshini Thambar

    Sound Designer & Composer

  • Amy Helena

    BSL Consultant

  • Marie-Gabrielle Koumenda

    Choir Composer

  • Zephyr Liddell

    Set/Costume Designer

  • Louise Martin

    Choir Leader

  • Louisa McDaid

    Creative Captioner

  • Emma Quinn

    Graphic Designer

  • Amy Rosa

    Image Designer

  • Elle Taylor

    Lighting Design

  • Indra Wilson

    Creative Access Assistant

About The Show

The show opened at the Traverse Theatre Edinburgh on 5 October, and transferred to Northern Stage, Newcastle on 7-9 November. The cast was joined onstage by a local community choir led by Louise Martin in Edinburgh and by the SHE choir in Newcastle, performing a new composition by Marie-Gabrielle Koumenda, allowing for new voices to add to the performance, sharing their own experiences.

Each performance had captions and audio description built in, as well as creative use of BSL performed by a member of the cast throughout.

The relaxed performances were for anyone who’d benefit from watching the show in a more informal and laid-back environment. 

Disciples was an intimate and tender experience for cast and audience members alike, and looked to welcome those with their own experience of visual impairment, deafness, neurodivergence and disability into the space to share in stories that are too often overlooked by theatre and dance.

Accessibility information about the show and Northern Stage is available at: https://stellarquines.co.uk/access-information-for-disciples-at-northern-stage/

More information about the relaxed performance, including a visual story can be found at: https://stellarquines.co.uk/copy-of-disciples-relaxed-performance-at-northern-stage/

Audio descriptions of the cast, set and lighting are available at: https://stellarquines.co.uk/audio-description-for-disciples/

“It’s a rare and beautiful thing to be able to build a creative space with so many D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people across the cast and team.”  

– Ellen Renton  

Disciples Programme and Director's Notes
Emma McCaffrey smashing a polystyrene box with a stick. Bits of the box are flying around her. Rana Bader and Irina Vartopeanu standing side by side on stage against a vibrant blue background, they are smiling Laura fisher is dancing. She is on the floor, on her side, legs raised and arms raised. Rana Bader is sitting on a cushion on the floor, standing next to her is Sally Clay and next to her Laura Fisher. they are looking out to the audience. Irina Vartopeanu dancing - she is jumping up, arms stretched out above her head, she looks jubilant. Laura fisher is dancing, she is leaning on a stick and spinning her body round with one arm outstretched.

Take Part

Performers Sally Clay and Emma McCaffrey sitting on chairs. Emma has her hand uo showing three fingers and Sally is smiling during the Disciples development sharing

Stellar Quines ran a series of engagement workshops with community and youth groups in Edinburgh. The drama and movement workshops explored the themes from Disciples and the groups were invited to attend the show. 

Tour History

Our Partners

We are so grateful to all the Crowdfunders who backed Disciples - their support has been pivotal to the creation of this show:

Abi, Ailsa Courtney, Alice Cooper, Alison Carr, Alison Raybould, Andy Grant, Anna F W Fox, Barbie Lyon, Carolyn Yates, Catherine Warmerdam, Chantelle Micallef Grimaud, Christine Devaney, Claire Moran, Colin Hambrook, David Orr, Deborah Ritchie, Donna Bell, Eleanour Harvey, Elspeth MacArthur, Emily Nicholl, Fiona Adiza Shardow, Gemma de Luna, Gill McGowan, Gillian Currie, Gillian Shaw, Hazel McCombes, Heather Marshall, Helen Davey, Helen Fox, Helen McIntosh, Hilary Aitken, Jackie Crichton, Jackie Stewart, James Ley, Jane Hobso, Jennifer Galt, Jill Franklin, Jo West, Joanna Hruby, Joanne Thomson, Judy Stewart, Juliet Moleta, Kath Wilson, Katherine Mendelsohn, Katie Brown, Kimberley Allan, Kirsty Connell-Skinner, Kirsty Shea, Kyle Gardiner, Leigh Robinson-Cleaver, Lucy Ireland, Lyndsey Haskell, Mamoru Iriguchi, Marian Drazek, Marion Geoffray, Martine McIntosh, Mrs Rose G Russell, Ms Anne-Marie Boyle, Noelle Cobden, Orla Holt, Pafsanias Vissariou, Paul Brennen, Phoebe Elliott Rachel O'Regan, Rhea Lewis, Rob McIntosh, Rosamund Steen, Roz Stevens, Sara Shaarawi, Sarah Brown, Sarah Gray, Sarah Johnston, Sarah Marie Mooney, Shirley Monteith, Trish Wheatley, Vanessa Nias, Victoria Stokoe, Vivian French and Zoe Farrugia

Stellar Quines gratefully acknowledge the support of th BA Better World Community Fund, the National Emergencies Local Action Fund and the PRS Foundation.