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Baby Baby

By: Vivian French

Baby Baby promotional image showing a young woman looking scared sitting in a chair she is wearing a grey zip hoody and grey jeans. Behind her stands a young woman with long pink hair and waring a long black coat

Baby Baby

By: Vivian French

Directed by: Jemima Levick

Co-produced by: Stellar Quines & Perissology Theatre Co

In association with: Shetland Arts

Pinkie and April always see each other about town. They have different friends, different styles, and different tastes.

Pinkie hangs out on College Green, smoking fags (and anything else that goes around) with Phil and her other friends who are pierced up, grunged out, coloured in, and biker-booted.

April doesn’t. She hangs out on Park Street, with Marco and the other ‘streetys’. Snow white trainers on, designer labels showing, midriff out and every hair exactly in place, is what counts in her part of town.

But despite their differences Pinkie and April just can’t help getting under each other’s skin. And somehow, despite everything, they end up together at Tinley Road School for young mums.

Playwright Vivian French researched Baby Baby (originally a teen novel by French) when working with a group of girls at a unit for young mothers in Bristol on a writing project.  They talked about their experiences, emotions, discoveries and feelings before and after, as they entered motherhood aged 16 or even younger.

"a beautifully structured double monologue"

by The Scotsman

"a piece of deft storytelling theatre with a quiet emotional punch"

by Mark Fisher, Northings

"a wonderfully stylish piece of theatre with two hugely impressive performances"



  • Hannah Donaldson


  • Ashley Smith


Creative Team

  • Vivian French


  • Jemima Levick


  • Philip Pinsky

    Composition & Sound Design

  • Lisa Sangster

    Set Design

  • Colin Grenfell

    Lighting Design

  • Kathryn Smith

    Costume Design

  • Jane Howie


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