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By: Clare Duffy & Pierre Yves Lemieux

Production image from ANA showing 5 figures fress in red veils and a figure in black


By: Clare Duffy & Pierre Yves Lemieux

Co-produced by: Stellar Quines and Imago Theatre

Artistic Directors: Muriel Romanes & Clare Schapiro

Director: Serge Denoncourt

ANA is a ground-breaking international co-production between Stellar Quines and Montreal based Imago Theatre. It blends the rhythms of Scots-English with Canadian-French to explore a space that words alone cannot describe.

Born before history – before even the gods – in the house of stars, ANA is a strange and wondrous being. She is a delight and a terror. An abomination, a deity, a freak and the star of our carnival show.

ANA is not bound by the same laws that govern the lives of us mere mortals. When this creature is caught in the mouth of inescapable decision, instead of choosing either side of kismet’s coin she deceives fate by splitting into a new self, multiplying at every crossroad, escaping her own terror to survive, to be free. But the selves she leaves behind still exist and go on living to this day. Now, completely overcome and bewildered by her many incarnations, ANA must face her selves to reconcile her countless existences.

"myth-making brilliance… this show has a wild and fabulous female poetry about it"

by The Scotsman

"well executed with an impressive mise-en-scene and very strong performances from a Quebecan/Scottish cast"

by Buzz Extra


  • Catherine Bégin

    Performer (Québec)

  • Selina Boyack

    Performer (Scotland)

  • Lisa Gardner

    Performer (Scotland)

  • Alain Goulem

    Performer (Québec)

  • Dominique Leduc

    Performer (Québec)

  • Magalie Lépine-Blondeau

    Performer (Québec)

  • Frances Thorburn

    Performer (Scotland)

Creative Team

  • Clare Duffy

    Writer (Scotland)

  • Pierre Yves Lemieux

    Writer (Québec)

  • Muriel Romanes

    Artistic Director (Scotland)

  • Clare Schapiro

    Artistic Director (Québec)

  • Serge Denoncourt

    Director (Québec)

  • Megan Baker

    Costume Designer (Scotland)

  • Louise Campeau

    Set Designer (Québec)

  • Gabriel Coutu-Dumont/Geodezik

    Video Design

  • Martin Labrecque

    Lighting Designer (Québec)

  • Philip Pinsky

    Sound Designer/Composer

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