Featured post: Through The Mud

By: Apphia Campbell

‘A fierce 70 minutes of music and protest’ The Scotsman

The story of two generations of women activists in the struggle for black liberation in America. One, notorious Black Panther Assata Shakur, the other a college student at the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement in Ferguson in 2014. Against a stunning soundtrack of gospel and blues sung live, the show explores what it takes to become a revolutionary.

Originally performed as Woke, written by Apphia Campbell, Fringe First Award Winner and creator of the hit show Black is the Color of My Voice.

Part of the

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A stylised image of Apphia Campbell as Assata Shakur fills the frame with an orange and red filter laid over the image in a 1960s style. In the foreground, Tinashe Warikandwa as Ambrosia stands in jeans and a beige cardigan with her arm raised, holding a book.