Q&A with Rachel Drazek, Disciples Co-Director

Q&A with Rachel Drazek, Disciples Co-Director

Why is it important to you to bring Disciples to the stage? 

This show has been a long time in the making and the wait has only made my drive stronger – I am focused on making a relevant, bold and beautiful new piece of dance theatre. One that might not look or feel like how we expect dance theatre to. Prioritising the people in the cast and creative team, figuring out what their show is, has been an incredibly joyful experience. I can’t wait to invite other people into this. 

What has been special about collaborating as a large team of disabled women and non-binary people – what common themes have come up for you in rehearsal? 

We’ve talked a lot about where and when and how we belong. About which expectations are useful and where permission comes from to be joyful. The show focuses on our interdependence with others as a positive thing and something that ultimately strengthens our own agency. This is something I recognise from working with this incredible group of people in the making process.. 

What power does movement bring to storytelling? 

 love this feature – letting words fall away and exploring what else our bodies might have to say. 

Can you explain the ‘creative use of BSL’ and how access is built into the performances? 

Yes (though it’s still a work in progress). The show does not feature a sign-language interpreter in the way many audiences will be used to (placed at the side of the stage for the duration) and in fact, the show won’t be interpreted in the usual way at all. Instead we are working with one of our cast members who is a deaf BSL user to explore when her role might provide some interpretation of spoken language for BSL using audience members. This is in addition to her inclusion throughout the show as a cast member. We are less interested in her offering a ‘neutral interpretation’ and more interested in how her input might expand an audience’s understanding of the work. We hope to, playfully, lean into the belief that everyone will always experience something different during live performance anyway, but to do so with thoughtful considerations around access. 

Who do you most want to see this show/what do you want audiences to take away from it? 

I want everyone to see the work because it’s really very beautiful. There’s a confidence in the piece that I hope audiences will be excited by and a lightheartedness that should feel welcoming. I would love audiences to leave feeling like they’d like to watch it again – to take a second look…

Disciples opens at The Traverse Theatre on 5 October until 7 October. The show will tour to Northern Stage, Newcastle on 7-9 November. Tickets can be booked online.

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