M*****classes: More Info

M*****classes is a free training programme that aims address the lack of women in creative design and production roles. Each set of M*****classes consists of workshops, talks with professionals and hands on experience.  

Christine Hamilton’s report Where are the Women? identified that, in 2014/15 across Scottish publicly funded theatres, that the number of men in creative design and production roles vastly outnumbered women. Our M*****class series was created in response to this report and aims to change this gender imbalance.

Many M*****classes participants have gone on to gain work as a result of the programme.

M*****classes: Production Management

Participants took part in a series of Zoom workshops in November 2020, led by Fi Fraser, one of Scotland’s leading Production Managers. Workshops explored the techniques and processes that are key to a Production Manager’s work.


  • Alma Lindenhovius
  • Cynthia WS Cheung
  • Gemma Smith
  • Judy Stewart
  • Katie Innes
  • Katy Steele
  • Rose Sharkey


Participants took part in the following workshops:

  • Initial meetings
  • Relationships with creatives, technical team, venues, and suppliers
  • Schedules
  • Budgets and money
  • Touring, including international touring
Zoom screenshot of M*****classes participants

M*****classes: Lighting Design

These workshops explored the creative techniques underpinning the art of lighting design for theatre.

Workshops began in January 2020. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we had to postpone our final weekend of March workshops. These took place online in March 2021.


  • Alice McDougall
  • Isabel Rodriguez Lorenzo
  • Laura Hawkins
  • Laura Laria Iglesias
  • Lisa Kirk
  • Michaella Fee
  • Minttu Maari Mäntynen
  • Suzie Normand


Participants took part in the following workshops:

  • Introduction workshop led by Katharine Williams, presented at Traverse
  • ‘Approaching a play’ led by Lizzie Powell
  • ‘Designing for devised work’ led by Jessica Hung Han Yun
  • ‘Approaches to concept and architecture’ led by Lucy Carter
  • ‘What the Chief LX needs from you’ led by Karin Anderson

Postponed workshops:

  • ‘Putting it all Together’. Working with Creatives led by Emma Jones with Set & Costume designer Jen McGinley and Director Jemima Levick.
  • Panel discussion of Scotland-based lighting professionals including Emma Jones, Simon Wilkinson, Colin Grenfell, Grant Anderson, Kate Boney, and facilitated by Katharine Williams.

Participants attended the following theatre performances alongside the workshops:

  • Pride and Prejudice (sort of) presented at The Lyceum
  • Smile presented at Dundee Rep Theatre
M*****classes: Lighting participants sitting around a table looking at a large piece of paper

M*****classes: Sound Design

The first set of M*****classes offered hands on career experience in the role of sound design in theatre. Workshops took place in 2019.

This opportunity was aimed at participants who were musicians or composers, sound engineers and sound designers with little or no theatre experience.


  • Nerea Bello
  • Zoe Irvine
  • Heather Andrews
  • Alicia Matthews
  • Kim Moore
  • Beldina Odenyo
  • Patricia Panther
  • Fi Johnston


Participants took part in the following workshops:

They attended the following theatre performances alongside the workshops:

  • Nora at Citizens Theatre
  • Local Hero at The Lyceum
  • The Duchess of Malfi at Lyceum Theatre.
Seven M*****classes: Sound participants standing in a line