Co-directors Ellen Renton and Rachel Drazek watching Sally Clay and Emma McCaffery perform during the development of Disciples.

Image caption: Image by Jassy Earl

First Look – Disciples Development

The idea for Disciples began with Rachel Drazek. As a movement director and theatre maker, Rachel’s work covers theatre and film and includes extensive experience in education and community projects.

During the pandemic, Stellar Quines Artistic Director Caitlin Skinner met with Rachel to discuss what kind of show she would like to make as Lead Artist, what kinds of lines of enquiry she’d like to pursue and who she would like to collaborate with.

Teaming Rachel with Ellen Renton, created a remarkable partnership for the development of Disciples. As a poet, Ellen Renton’s latest work explores what it means to grow up a girl and how this experience intersects with disability and visual impairment. This provided complementary areas for exploration with Rachel’s work.

As co-collaborators, she and Ellen then bought together five outstanding performers from different backgrounds and creative practices. Together they explored their stories and experiences, and how those stories related to their bodies as they move through the world. Disciples created a space for the team to collaboratively explore ideas to develop their ideal show.

The team were Saida AhmedSally ClayHelen FoxEmma McCaffery and Bea Webster.

It was a period of intense learning for the whole team and we are now working on collating the experiences of the creative team and charting our next steps.

We are excited to share these photos from their development workshops with you as a Disciples supporter.

Sally Clay, seated with Emma McCaffery standing, leaning in and pressing her hand to Sally's hand.


Five performers working together, standing and moving in a circle as part of the Disciples Development.


Ellen Renton and Rachel Drazek watching Sally Clay and Emma McCaffery perform.
Images by Jassy Earl
Co-director Rachel Drazek seated at a laptop smiling with co-director Ellen Renton standing behind and also smiling.
Image by Jassy Earl
Notes from the Disciples Development written in capitals: Compassion, Respect, Trust, Patience, Honesty, Joy, Faith
Image by Jassy Earl