Stepping Up, Stepping Out

This project was created as a response to the social isolation brought on by the COVID pandemic in 2021 and 2022. We brought together groups of women and girls from North Edinburgh, aged between 14-26, to explore their experiences through creative workshops and filmmaking. 

The workshops were co-created with participants to enable them to make new friends, build their confidence and address their emotional resilience in a safe and supportive environment. 

Stellar Quines worked in partnership with SHE Scotland and Stepping Stones to run this project, funded by Inspiring Scotland’s Creative Communities Programme.

Two participants stand facing each other and smiling with their hands outstretched
Image by Jassy Earl


Emergence was created as the world opened up after the pandemic, as the participants were exploring perceptions and connections within community.  

Participants took part in workshops with the following artists:

  • Theatre-maker and lead artist: Lisa Williamson
  • Writer: Natali MacCleary
  • Artist: Sarah Wakeford
  • Filmmaker: Jassy Earl


Masquerade was made during the pandemic as participants explored how rules, masks and social distancing affected our ability to connect with each other. 

Participants took part in workshops with the following artists: 

  • Playwrights: Nelly Kelly and Lynda Radley
  • Theatre-maker and Director: Beth Godfrey
  • Costume-maker: Jessica Brettle
  • Filmmaker: Jassy Earl

Masquerade Screening

On 26 June 2021, the creators of Masquerade assembled for a screening of the film at North Edinburgh Arts.

Further details

The Stepping Up, Stepping Out project:

  • brings groups of young women together;  
  • increases confidence;
  • improves mental wellbeing;
  • develops skills in different creative arts;
  • considers the impact of the pandemic using creativity.
Participant sits on a colourful patterned sofa and is cutting up fabric
Image by Jassy Earl
Two participants stand hugging each other
Image by Jassy Earl

Participant quotes

“Especially after lockdown over the past year, I think your confidence drops massively…this has helped me build on skills I never knew I had.”


“It’s the first time I’ve laughed and had fun through lock down that’s not been with my daughter so thank you.”


“I have felt more confident, more free to do something fun and generally much more positive.”

Our Partners

Thank you to the team at Inspiring Scotland‘s Creative Communities Fund for their support and interest in funding the Stepping Up, Stepping Out project.

Thank you to our project partners SHE Scotland and Stepping Stones North Edinburgh.

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