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Fibres Film and Resource Pack

Stellar Quines and the Citizens Theatre premiered a new filmed version of their 2019 co-production, Fibres, online in November 2020.

The film is available to be screened by schools and teachers until 25 November 2021. There is an accompanying schools resource pack which has been designed for Higher Drama but should be useful for teaching National 4 and 5 Drama too. The interviews with creatives on their process may also be useful for college and university students.

Fibres explores Scotland’s social and industrial history. It could be a suitable text for Social Sciences (such as Modern Studies and History). The themes of relationships and grief could be suitable for guidance teachers’ work plans.

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Filming of Fibres. Stage Manager is seated at a desk of screens overseeing the production. In the background, the film is being shot with the cast on stage surrounded by lights and cameras.
Image by: Alan Peebles

Reuniting the original cast and creative team, the production, which previously toured community venues in Scotland to critical and audience acclaim, was reimagined for a digital audience thanks to funding from the Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund. This funny and moving play by Frances Poet puts a vital spotlight on the untold story of the women affected by exposure to asbestos.

Maureen Carr and Jonathan Watson reprised their roles as Beanie and Jack at the heart of the story. Directed by Jemima Levick, this was the first full-length production to be filmed and offered online by the Citizens and Stellar Quines.

Schools Pack

This schools pack aims to provide insights and information about the play Fibres to support an integrated approach to learning, giving students the knowledge and understanding of drama and its influences.

It will further develop knowledge and understanding of historical, social, cultural and theatrical influences on drama. As well as helping students to consider the influence that cultural values, identities and ideas have on drama.

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