Previous Make Do & Mend programmes

Since it launched in 2018, our Make Do & Mend programme has offered artists seed funding to develop new work based around a theme.

These are the artists and projects which have been supported by previous Make Do & Mend opportunities. 

Mini Make Do & Mend 2020

By Stellar Quines during lockdown

Theme: ‘transformation’  

Artists and projects: 

  • Interabang – Lead Artists: Rachel Flynn and Mia Oudeh; with Ryan Dewar – Said The Dove To The Olive Tree  
  • Kathryn Weaving – New performance architectures: creating alternative performance spaces by combining textiles and environment  
  • Mhairi McCall – Weight (working title)  
  • Niamh O’Loughlin – A Changeling Wife
  • Róisín Sheridan-Bryson – Making Sharon Fruit
  • Sophia McLean – BoomTown 

Make Do & Mend 2019

In collaboration with Birds of Paradise 

Theme: ‘Motherhood – what is the connection between mother and child?’ 

Artists and projects: 

  • Robert Bennett (project leader), Chloe Divers (project coordinator), Janice Barbour, Jorja Follina, Lesley Howard, Jourdan Walker (dancers) – Dancing in the Dark 
  • Emily and Cherrie Beaney– Breaking the Fall 
  • Heather Marshall, Creative Electric – Medusa 2020 
  • Jen McGregor – Screech 
  • Ruth Rankin (lead artist) and Naomi Stirrat (collaborator) – UnTangled 

Make Do & Mend 2018

In collaboration with Terra Incognita

Theme: ‘How have the rights of women changed since 1918 and what does the future hold?’ 

Artists and projects: 

  • Alice Mary Cooper – The Woman in the Box 
  • Rosa Duncan & Rebecca Sweeney – Heating the Ink 
  • Annie George – Document  
  • Lilian Ptáček & Poppy Nash – Unruly Methods 

Theme: ‘Campaigning women over the last century – what next?’ 

Artists and project: 

  • Soizig Carey & Alice Dansey-Wright –Muse Not Maker 

Rehearsal Room

Prior to Make Do & Mend, we ran our Rehearsal Room programme from 1997 to 2016. This enabled writers to develop their work in partnership with audiences through rehearsed readings and workshops.

For more information about Rehearsal Room projects and participants, please email

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Image by Jassy Earl