Sexual Harassment in the Performing Arts

Our vision is to end sexual harassment in the industry.  

We want to support the theatre community to recognise and speak out against sexual harassment.  

If you are being harassed, we want you to get the support you deserve.  

The information and guidance shared on these pages are our contribution to the collective effort to create safer creative environments for all. 


Graphic with the words

Download our poster

We have created this poster for anyone in the performing arts to download and use in theatres, rehearsal rooms and office spaces.

Print it off and stick it up in your workplace.

Remember to take a photo showing where you’ve put your poster and share it on social media with #ArtsAgainstHarassment

Or send your photos to us by emailing

Watch our animated campaign videos

Watch our BSL campaign videos

About the campaign

Campaign materials have been created by former theatre designer and trained sexual violence support worker Lisa Sangster in collaboration with Stellar Quines, with input from focus groups of professionals from across the performing arts.  

This campaign is supported by the Federation of Scottish Theatre (FST) 

Campaign animations and graphics have been created by motion designer Fee Sheal.

Animation voiceover by actor Elaine Stirrat from the podcast and advocacy group Persistent and Nasty.

BSL videos by actor Bea Webster.