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Access Information for Disciples at the Traverse

Disciples is an intimate and tender experience created by an ensemble cast of women and non-binary people who identify as D/deaf, disabled, and neurodivergent.

We look forward to sharing stories that are too often overlooked by theatre and dance. We have developed a work that creatively provides access and removes barriers for audience members with access requirements or their own experience of being D/deaf, disabled or neurodivergent.  We are aware that attending unmasked public spaces remains a barrier for some and in response we are encouraging mask-wearing at our evening performances and scheduling a dedicated mask-wearing performance.

Show Access Information

This production includes open captions, audio description and creative use of BSL which is performed by a member of the cast throughout.

All theatre staff will be masked unless medically exempt and audience members will be encouraged to wear masks at all our evening performances.

Saturday 7 October 7.30pm will be a dedicated mask-wearing performance.

Saturday 7 October at 2.30pm is a relaxed performance.

Our relaxed performances are for anyone who would benefit from watching the show in a more informal, adapted environment with additional information and services.

You are welcome to leave the auditorium and return as required.  There is a quiet room available where you and the people you come with, can go if you need quiet time during the show.

The house lights in the auditorium are kept on at a dim level during the show so movement is safe. A member of the team will introduce the show and outline what you can expect the on-stage lighting to be like during the show. Noise levels will be quieter, and they will also let you know what kinds of sound you will be hearing on stage.

We will provide more information about our relaxed performances after our first dress rehearsal and an update will be posted here on the 4 October.

Pre-show access

There will be a table on the ground floor near the lift as you enter the Traverse which will provide additional information on the show. The table will be staffed so you can ask any questions and will include:

– large print options of programme and synopsis including the directors note
– easy read synopsis of the show and directors note in multiple fonts
– ear defenders
– audio description headsets
– pre-record (and transcript) of the cast introducing and describing themselves
– pre record (and transcript)  of a set description and overview of how light will be used
– Information about best places to sit to read the captions

To listen to audio descriptions of the cast, set and lighting ahead of attending the show, please visit: https://stellarquines.co.uk/audio-description-for-disciples-at-the-traverse/

Building access at The Traverse

From the entrance on Cambridge Street, there is level access to the Box Office area, and lift access to the Bar and theatre spaces downstairs. If you require lift access to the theatre space, please notify the Traverse Sales and Welcome team when making your booking on 0131 228 1404 or boxoffice@traverse.co.uk.

Once the ‘house open’ tannoy announcement is made please make your way back to the lift where you will be met by the Duty Manager who will accompany you down to the theatre levels.

The Traverse have accessible toilets on the bar level, including gender neutral toilets. Everyone is free to use the toilet that best suits their gender identity.

Guide dogs and hearing dogs are always welcome throughout the building.

Wheelchair Users

There are two wheelchair spaces available – please make a reservation with the Traverse Sales & Welcome Team when making your booking on 0131 228 1404 or boxoffice@traverse.co.uk.


Disciples is being shown in Traverse 1 which has bench seating on a steep rake, there are no limits to the width of each individual seat. There are no armrests. There are seats with no one next to them at the end of each row. Level access to seating is from the bottom of the rake.  Access from the bar area take you to to rear of the rake – to access from the level please access the lift.

If you have any questions regarding access at the Traverse, please email the Traverse Sales and Welcome Team at boxoffice@traverse.co.uk who will be able to advise further.

Co-director Rachel Drazek seated at a laptop smiling with co-director Ellen Renton standing behind and also smiling.
Image by Jassy Earl
Notes from the Disciples Development written in capitals: Compassion, Respect, Trust, Patience, Honesty, Joy, Faith
Image by Jassy Earl
Performer Sally Clay seated with performer Emma McCaffery standing beside her, leaning in and pressing her hand to Sally's hand. During the development of Disciples
Image by Jassy Earl