Who We Are

The Last Queen of Scotland production image showing two women are cheering while sitting at a table with a laptop on it
Image by Jane Hobson

Stellar Quines is an intersectional feminist theatre company based in Scotland. We believe theatre is a force for change, for collaborating with others and building inclusive coalitions.

We create shows, provide opportunities and support for career development, both on stage and backstage, for creatives at all levels. We commission research and join forces with others to campaign for change. We take our work out into the community with projects that nurture creativity and invite action, all with the aim of achieving greater equality. 

The name Stellar Quines is a combination of two old Scots words: ‘stellar’ meaning ‘starry’ and ‘quines’ meaning ‘women’. 

We welcome all Quines and we are expanding and evolving this term. Language isn’t perfect but we want to create inclusive and welcoming spaces.

We describe Quines as all women including cis, trans and intersex women, non-binary people and anyone with an experience of gender like or similar to these experiences.

Everyone who is a woman, everyone who was assigned female at birth and everyone who has a feminine gender expression is affected by misogyny and marginalised by the patriarchy.

We value the diversity of all Quines, creating space for them to tell their stories, to experience brilliant theatre, to participate and collaborate with others, to develop their practice and to use their voices to provoke change. 

Stellar Quines logo in black
Three women hugging dressed in yellow raincoats and red bobble hats on a dimly lit stage.
Image by Jane Hobson

As intersectional feminists, our work addresses gender inequality and how this interacts and overlaps with other forms of social, economic and political inequality to create different kinds of discrimination (i.e. racism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, xenophobia, classism, etc.). 

We are currently working with our community to understand the impact of Covid and to explore how we, as theatre-makers, can address the inequalities that Covid has exacerbated.   

As a team, we’re focused on learning, listening and collaborating to evolve our work. Please do get in touch at hello@stellarquines.co.uk