The Quines Story

Black and white promotional image for Night Sky showing a planet on the left with a person silhouetted against it and the face of a woman with her eyes closed on the right
Promotional image for Night Sky by Murdo MacLeod

1993 – 2000

Stellar Quines was established in 1993 by Gerda Stevenson and a group of theatre practitioners to address the lack of opportunities for women in theatre. The creation of Stellar Quines was a direct response to Gerda’s experiences working with celebrated British feminist theatre company Monstrous Regiment and her vision for Scotland to have a theatre company that would consciously create opportunities for women in all areas of production. 

The company’s first production was Night Sky by Susan Yankowitz, directed by Lynn Bains. It toured to Aberdeen, Ayr, Glasgow, St Andrews and Edinburgh during the spring of 1994. A full list of all our past productions can be found on the Shows section of the website.



In 2000, Muriel Romanes became Artistic Director.

As one of the original co-founders of the company, she had an outstanding reputation as a force in Scottish theatre, supporting new writers and providing opportunities for women in theatre to develop in other creative areas. This included our Rehearsal Room programme to develop new plays. She nurtured a special relationship with Quebec notably presenting the triple Fringe First winning Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy.

In 2016, Muriel stepped down after working for the company for 22 years.

She was awarded a CATS Award for exceptional contribution to Scottish Theatre and was also awarded an MBE for services to theatre.


Tremblay Trilogy poster showing an illustration of a woman on top of a heart with a dagger through it and a tree of thorns
Poster for The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy
Fibres Film production image of Suzanne Magowan sitting surrounded by black bin bags with Jonathan Watson sitting on an armchair in the background
Fibres Film production image of Suzanne Magowan. Image by Tim Morozzo


Jemima Levick joined the company as Artistic Director in 2016. With a particular commitment to equalities and diversity, she broadened the organisation’s reach in sector development and community engagement by establishing new programmes of work.

Jemima produced and directed an extraordinary breadth of work through a culture of collaboration, co-producing shows with National Theatre Scotland, The Lyceum, Citizens Theatre, Imaginate, Pearlfisher, Dundee Rep and Scottish Dance Theatre.

During this period, Stellar Quines built relationships with a range of community engagement partners such as Glasgow Women’s Library, YWCA Scotland – The Young Women’s Movement, SHE Scotland and Stepping Stones.

Jemima left Stellar Quines to join Play Pie and a Pint in 2021 as their Artistic Director.


Stellar Quines welcomed Caitlin Skinner as the new Artistic Director/CEO in July 2021.

Caitlin’s vision is for an intersectional feminist theatre company which invites action through a collaborative programme of work. This includes touring shows, engaging communities, supporting creatives and campaigns all with the aim of achieving greater equality.

Caitlin Skinner headshot
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Quines over the years

Stellar Quines is the sum of the brilliant people who have worked together over the years. We would like to thank all the exceptional performers, creatives and crew we have worked with on our shows since 1993. Their work is recorded in the shows section.

We’d like to thank the following brilliant people who have worked at Stellar Quines for their contribution to the Quines.

General Managers and Producers: Morag Ballantyne, Iain Carmichael, Rebecca Doggett, Claire Dow, Rhea Lewis, Jaine Lumsden, Mary Paulson Ellis, Lesley Anne Rose, Alexandra Stampler-Brown, Jen White. 

Operations/Marketing/Development: Rosie Bans, Vivanne Hullin, Hannah Forsyth , Shirley Monteith, Persephone Nichol-Bose, Jane Ridings, Gillian Shaw, Rosie Wildwood.

Engagement: Catherine Grosvenor, Rosie Priest, Gemma Nicol and Lisa Williamson of hidden route.

We are also indebted to work of all those who have volunteered their time as Board Members:
Nicola Axford, Graeme Bailie, Lynn Bains, Morag Ballantyne, Katherine Bowling, Jackie Brock, Kris Bryce, Ruth Butterworth, Iain Carmichael, Elaine Carmichael, Jo Clifford, Andrew Coulton, Jackie Crichton, William Dawson, Stephen Ewing, Vivian French, Jane Hogg, Marilyn Imrie, John Irvine, Angela Jackson, Lisa Kapur, Nicola Kenny, Maggie Kinloch, Elspeth Macarthur, Irene Macdougall, Gordon Macpherson, Joan Matthew, Sadie McKinlay, Caroline Middleton, Sue Moody, Karen Niven, Clarissa Notley, Mary Paulson-Ellis, Gail Preston, Lesley
Quirk, John Ramage, Caroline Ramsay, Jane Ridings, Michael Ridings, David Rutherford, Lisa Sangster, Fiona Semple, Elizabeth Smith.