About Us

The Last Queen of Scotland production image showing two women are cheering while sitting at a table with a laptop on it
Image by Jane Hobson

Stellar Quines is an intersectional feminist theatre company based in Scotland. We believe theatre is a force for change, for collaborating with others and building inclusive partnerships. 

We create shows and provide opportunities and support for career development, on stage and backstage, for creatives at all levels.

We commission research and join forces with others to campaign for change.

We take our work out into the community with engagement projects that nurture creativity and invite action.

All with the aim of achieving greater equality.  

30 years in the making 

Stellar Quines has held a unique position within the cultural landscape of Scotland for 30 years.

Alongside a reputation for creating award-winning theatre productions, the company is a sector leader for championing gender equity within the performing arts and has grown innovative programmes in the fields of participatory work and artist development. Stellar Quines has a proud history, strong relationships and is recognised as a company of quality with an important social, political and artistic role to play.

With this strong foundation, Stellar Quines is now leaning into the social justice mission that has always been at the heart of the company’s work. We enter the period 2023-26 with a clear refreshed vision as an intersectional feminist theatre company. 

The name ’Stellar Quines’ is a combination of two old Scots words – ‘stellar’ meaning ‘starry’ and ‘quines’ meaning ‘women’. 

We believe everyone should be involved in intersectional feminism and the movement toward greater gender equality. However, in order to help achieve greater equity of opportunity, Stellar Quines prioritises creating opportunities for people who are women, non-binary or from other marginalised genders. Self-definition is at the sole discretion of that individual. 

A creative workshop leader is holding a camera and showing it to a participant. Below them is a picture of a butterfly image lit up by a light box
Image by Jassy Earl
Three women hugging dressed in yellow raincoats and red bobble hats on a dimly lit stage.
Image by Jane Hobson

Theatre for gender equality

All our programmes aim to enrich the conversation about gender equity in Scotland. We do this by creating platforms for women, non-binary people and people from other marginalised genders to be creative, to think critically and to come together.

We celebrate intersectional feminist voices through our productions, improving representation on Scottish stages of different scales. We take a bold, intersectional approach to audience development in order to target those furthest from power and opportunity, bringing top quality theatre experiences to those least served by the arts. 

As a team, we’re focused on learning, listening and collaborating to evolve our work. Please do get in touch at hello@stellarquines.co.uk